X4: Foundations Collector's Edition - Extra Content. A wide variety of new upgrades can now be added to your unique creations in the graphical editor. For pre-order purchasers who register their pre-order copy of X4: Foundations, there will be additional pre-order rewards. It is the most detailed universe simulator that lets you personally fly all the ships that are available in-game, explore the vast territory of space, manage your own intergalactic empire, trade with others, fight anyone you think is a threat, and so on. X4: FOUNDATIONS, the long awaited sequel in the long running X series brings our most sophisticated universe SIMULATION ever. What kind of factory buys Hydrogen? Buy X4 : Foundations PC ️ CD Key ️ Instant download ️ Fantastic price ️ Digital Download ... Space station and factory construction is now totally creative and free in X4: Foundations. Developer: Egosoft. Manage an empire or EXPLORE space in first person. Fly every ship, TRADE and FIGHT to BUILD your empire with modular station construction and THINK carefully when embarking on an epic journey. X4: Foundations. Release Date: Nov 30, 2018. Register your copy of X4: Foundations and X4: Foundations Collector's Edition to receive access to additional features and rewards. Registering your game will reward you with a special paint modification for your ships. < > X4: Foundations. I can't find a place that buy Hydrogen so I can manually send the ship there to sell it's cargo, and figure out if it is bugged or not. Buy X4: Foundations Collector's Edition cheaper on Instant Gaming, the place to buy your games at the best price with immediate delivery! Compare the CD Key price from supplier s all around the world. X4: Foundations is unique in its depth, simulating an entire universe of NPC ships and stations, forming a realistic economy . All Reviews: Very Positive (52) - 88% of the 52 user reviews for this game are positive. Discover the best Game Key offers, compare prices to download and play X4: Foundations - Collector's Edition at the best cost. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ... You have to search for a Antimatter factory and buy it there with the trade menu. ↳ X4: Foundations ↳ X4: Foundations - Spoilers ↳ X4: Foundations - Technical Support ↳ X4: Foundations - Scripts and Modding ↳ Construction Community ↳ X Rebirth Universe ↳ X Rebirth VR Edition ↳ X Rebirth - Technical Support ↳ X Rebirth - Scripts and Modding ↳ X Trilogy Universe X4: Foundations is the latest title in the X series. Last edited by ddrulez; Dec 4, 2018 @ 7:18am #5. hyperion_500. Other X4: Foundations Guides: X4: Foundations – Controls; X4: Foundations – Sector Map; X4: Foundations – Crystal Mining Interacting with a Ship Trader (usually found in Maintenance Bay and Fabrication modules or right-clicking on the Wharf/Shipyard station on the map) and selecting Buy Ship opens the Ship Builder UI. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ... That is: When I go to the 'buy screen' for a shipyard or Wharf like the one in Argon Prime, the shopping screen comes up blank and black, with only a 'back … X4: Foundations is the latest title in the popular X series of space simulation / sandbox games , played as action games from a first-person perspective in a living breathing universe, with TRADE FIGHT BUILD THINK as the common tag-line. Activate CD Keys on your Steam client to download the games and play in multiplayer or singleplayer.. GAMIVO is a platform to find, compare and buy digital game keys. This content requires the base game X4: Foundations on Steam in order to play. X4: Foundations.

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