Pallet Racking. Add any text here or remove it. A UDL is a load that is evenly-spread over the surface by which it’s supported. Choose from keystone, shaved rivet or new, structural, or teardrop pallet rack beams in order to get the result you’re looking for. or Best Offer. Warehouse Used Pallet Rack Beams is the most popular type of industrial rack storage. A pallet racking system is a fairly simple construction with two main components, the upright frame and the beams, as well as several necessary accessories. Beams are welded robotically and in special semi-automatic fixtures for smooth seams and a finished look. To figure out what the allowable deflection is for your beams, take the beam’s length and divide it by 180. 1-5/8"H step beam design accommodates cross bars and decking. Capacity PR-01210611 CBF-S-2-042, Beam Ridg-U-Rak Step Teardrop 3.5"H x 96"W Safety Orange 4070 lbs. OSHA Pallet Rack Violations. I want to prevent product from being pushed off the back of my pallet rack. Get a Quote for Your Next Pallet Rack Project. Structural Pallet Racking is usually available in heavier capacities but with the same dimensions of traditional roll-formed pallet rack. 36" Deep Wire Mesh Deck Panels for Pallet Rack. When is comes to regulating pallet racking in your warehouse, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has partnered up with RMI The Rack Manufacturers Institute and ANSI for regulations to follow on pallet rack systems.OSHA Pallet Rack Beam Locking Devices. This is in contrast to, for example, a point load, in which the weight is concentrated in a smaller surface area. Pallet Rack Beam - 144"w x 5-1/8"h - 3,920 lb Capacity (USB144-518) $94.12 USB144-600: Pallet Rack Beam - 144"w x 6"h - 5,875 lb Capacity (USB144-600) $103.88 Check the items you wish to purchase, then click Extended Information: Replace damaged components or create your own racking system with teardrop Pallet Rack Step Beams. Supply Company, we have a large inventory of pallet racking beams … Pallet racking beam sizes range from 80mm in height through to 160mm in height, they are tailored for each project to … Global - Tear Drop Pallet Rack Beams Global - Tear Drop Pallet Rack Beams Ensure Pallet Rack Strength and Support For Warehouses, Shipping Facilities, and more. Capacity PR-01591673 NW-2446-3280-U, Wire Deck J & L Waterfall Step 42"D x 46"W Galvanized 3000 lbs. Most importantly, you can play an active role in keeping your warehouse safe by observing beam capacity ratings and never overloading pallet racking. Beams you can rely on to safely handle the load for years to come. With over 10,000 beams in stock, we’re prepared to handle your projects, no matter the size. H x 42 in. We stock over 160,000 pallet rack beams at all times with a variety of styles including step beams, channel beams and box beams. 8ft pallet rack beams are the most common beam length, because they allow you to store two standard 48”D x 40”W pallets per beam level, and the shorter length helps to support heavier pallets. Powder coat baked polyester finish. Roll-form pallet rack is usually associated with selective pallet rack storage. Selective racking systems are easily installed and adjusted to fit any size or weight of pallet you need storing. Teardrop pallet rack beams have become one of many industry standards and are used by warehouses across the world. APC manufacture pallet racking beams in Perth, Western Australia. USED PLANNED STORAGE PALLET RACKING BEAMS Shop online now! Beams are rated for uniform loads per pair taking into account deflection and stress. I want to receive updates about products and promotions. e: P: 888-578-1578, Stay up to date with deals and helpful tips from PRN. Pallet Racks are the most popular type of warehouse storage system in today's market. UNARCO offers a variety of height and gauge Interchangeable pallet racking beams to accommodate warehouse storage flexibility, including low-profile beams as shallow as 2-1/2″ high up to the sturdy 6″ high profile for longer lengths and heavy loads. Grainger Canada has been Canada's premiere industrial supplier for over 125 years. UNARCO manufactures a roll-formed, continuously welded Interchangeable pallet racking beam to fit the profile of any warehouse storage criteria. Structural storage racks are fabricated using hot-rolled structural steel channels for uprights and beams. To then determine whether or not your current deflection falls within the acceptable range, measure the beam’s distance from the floor at the very end of the beam and at the middle of the beam. each beam carries 50% of the load) and assume proper installation and no beam damage. 8ft pallet rack beams are the most common beam length, because they allow you to store two standard 48”D x 40”W pallets per beam level, and the shorter length helps to support heavier pallets. The Husky Rack & Wire line of pallet rack features brands synonymous with quality in the pallet rack industry for more than 49 years. Sections, known as pallet rack bays, are created using uprights (also called frames) as the vertical support columns. Our standard beam is double interlocking, crimped beam with a 1.5mm wall thickness. UNARCO can manufacture beams with integrated center punching or intermittent punching for special locking crossbars. Pallet Racking Uprights and Beams. Beams are available in many combinations of different lengths, heights and gauges and are dependent on the size of the racking needed and the weight and dimensions of the items stored on the racks. Capacity PR-01511612 RB-S32I-355-096, Frame Ridg-U-Rak Teardrop 24"D x 96"H x 3"W x 1.625"D Vista Green 16700 lbs. Capacity PR-01091692, Beam Ridg-U-Rak Step Teardrop 2.5"H x 96"W Safety Orange 1750 lbs. The myth out there is that all racks are created equal, but anyone who's ever seen the aftermath of a collapsed pallet rack … This number represents the weight that a pair of beams can safely hold – not the strength of a single beam. Teardrop Old Style Pallet Rack Horizontal Crossbar Beams. We’d love to help you get started. Pallet rack shelving can be configured for a variety of uses and product sizes. W x 96 in. Structural storage racks are fabricated using hot-rolled structural steel channels for uprights and beams.

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