To Remove Stains caused by Red foods ie, TOMATO STAINS: If I had this knowledge, I would have gotten done way quicker! Is there a paint? I’ll be trying these out for tea stains as well as for the bowl my husband uses for homemade salsa. Treat Yourself to Homemade Cinnamon Swirl Bread, These Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies Will Make You Forget All About Your Favorite Candy Cups, Make a Delicious German “Bowle” for Oktoberfest, Foodal’s Guide to the Basics of Gluten-Free Cooking. How can I remove stains from my fiberglass bathtub? As a less harsh alternative, I would suggest vinegar to scrub your sink. But, in case you want to try a hand-off method read on to the second point. I really need to keep my plastic containers clean because the husband has a habit of throwing them away just because they’re plastic. The product that you chose should be easy on the surface of the tub. Scrub the stain with a damp sponge repeatedly-Spray-on soap scum remover. I’m going to try both of those. Glassware often makes much more sense, and has the added benefit of being chemically inert. I hate the way it smells but if it gets my Rubbermaids clean again I’ll have to crack open a battle and gag later. Get rid of nasty yellow stains in your plastic bathtub using hydrogen peroxide. And each type reacts differently to various cleaning agents. My husband has a thing with burning all the pots and pans. Personally I’m a huge fan of using vinegar or bicarb. Also the one about vinegar is news to me. If the piece of plastic can’t hold liquid, pour rubbing alcohol into another container and put the piece of plastic inside. I enjoy adding essential oils to my bath water but my favorite, patchouli, left stains I can't get out! To remove hard-water stains from your tub, pour in 3 cups white vinegar under running hot tap water. Let this simple solution of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide do the hard work … Yes, at some point you thought to change the bathtub or sink but stop! Got lucky with that one, but I’ll have to keep all of these tips in mind in case I forget again. Check the label and make sure any product you use is recommended for laminate countertops. I really like Oxyclean to get stains (especially tea stains) out of plastic pitchers. They will help remove tea or coffee stains in cups and glasses. So many many great tips written here! I have used a few of them myself before reading this. A dirty or stained tub makes the whole bathroom feel grungy. Then simply let it sit and soak for about 45 minutes. Answer + 4. Friend of mine puts her leftover sauce in a ziploc bag, defrosts and throws it out! If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. This is one of my bug bears, stains on plastic. How do I preserve them? I also run a warm water and bicarb solution through my washing machine once a week; it keeps everything clean, and neutralizes any smells than sometimes occur. If you do use bleach, make sure it is diluted with water. It was a pain trying to get the stains out of common things such as plates and bowls. Just watch for the smell and foam! I’m looking for a solution for getting red stains from a plastic tablecloth. However, the time and effort involved varies, as those ugly little black circles can be very stubborn. We’re a big pasta household, so we have plenty of plastic bowls that have been stained with that infamous tomato sauce. Dishwashing detergent. I have taken old plastics and even old cookware and made them look much better. Written on: July 14, 2020. large bathtub image by Nikolay Okhitin from Then, all she has to do is wait 10 minutes and scrub it off the acrylic bathtub. Wear thick rubber gloves and rub this paste on the yellow spots until they are gone. Regular 3% hydrogen peroxide (1 gallon) So i guess I will be using several plastic pitchers. I’m still searching for the answer to this dilemma. and finding new cuisine and methods of preparing food. Re. Wash after that with dish soap- this might do the trick! That’s probably just a personal thing. It’s helpful to know that tomato stains will not come out of plastic that has been microwaved. I may try to do some A B testing. How To Remove Yellow Stains From Bathtub Benjamin Franklin Plumbing . I commend this article; it is certainly highly relateable for me as I have problems with my dishwasher leaving stains on plastic occasionally. It’s very simple! I am trying to get old coffee drip stains from my car’s plastic panel. I have a number of plastic storage dishes with orange curry stains, so I am excited to see that all I need to fix that is some baking soda. This article was co-authored by Susan Stocker. I am a tea maker too. There’s no need to do that anymore because a neighbor told me a little secret and I want to share it with you. Different bathtubs are made of different materials. Yellow bathtubs in mobile homes is a popular complaint with homeowners. Rust stains are another common problem that you will find on your bathtub. On the other hand, yellow stains are caused by deposits of inorganic chemicals on the bathtub that remains unwashed. How To Remove Tough Stains From Fiberglass Tub do you think about this article? This is how I get stains out of my teacups: Glad to know about the cautionary sentence there, about putting tomato paste or sauce in my plastic containers, does more harm than good and am not so keen on ‘slaving away’ at the kitchen sink trying to outdo the misery of my own doing . If you find that your plastic containers and other items age before their time and become unsightly, try some of the cleaning methods outlined above to remove the blemishes rather than disposing of them right away. At some point in its life, each plastic item will inevitably become stained and discolored. Denture tablets are wonderful for a multitude of things! I now keep one or two just for that and find also it can stain with some curry or spices, so I soak them as soon as possible. I had no idea that this was even possible, it’s really annoying to see how a plastic container that you love is slowly getting (almost permanently) stained. That. I don’t like using plastic in the microwave. Wait about 20 … I love to make Iced Tea but one of the problems I’ve noticed is that all of my pitchers have become stained. I am going to try all of them! Squirt some into the container, rub, wash, rinse, and dry. Just re-fill with warm water and dish soap, and wash as usual. When the discoloration is gone, rinse and dry. Ha, tomato, the bane of plastic containers and utensils everywhere. Keep lit cigarettes far away from your acrylic tub. Let the solution soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Moving in a new rental apartment often brings you all sort of pleasant and less pleasant surprises. I just saw the Dawn stuff for the first time a day or two ago at the dollar store. Can I request that? I’ve tried the baking soda thing before, but there are some other really great options here. 2) Add Salt, about 1 Tbs. Rinse the plastic with clean water once you’re finished. Step 6 Thanks for the tips! How to refinish your bathtub to take it from yellow and dingy to crisp white and brand new for $50! I didn’t know that hand sanitizer could be used that way so that is cool to know. There are many tub scrubbers and home cleaning agents that you can use for removing bath bomb stains from the tub. We faced with a lot of household problems and there was no mom and dad to solve them, just us! I have well water and the softener/filter system broke and we are saving money to replace it. It left a yellow spot. These are great tips! You can buy pumice scrub or a similar product for scrubbing off the dirt from the bathtub. Going to try this so I can save my plastic containers! If you have a bath mat stain in your tub or on the floor outside of your tub, there are several options on how to attack it. And what about: Rinse completely after soaking. Vinegar, I tend to use more for glass dishes. Then when its time to clean them the bottom starts to scrap off. Now I do . I tried a very ‘queer’ experiment last night…adding vinegar to detergent whilst washing my dishes…biggest disaster of the century… I’m never trying out thought-out theories and experiments like that ever again. I’m going to try the alka seltzer method tonight, I have some bags resting on my house, and it’s a pretty good way to give it a use. Old plumbing can cause rust in the water to leave stains on your bathroom fixtures. Without a proper guide, you may damage your bathtub while removing the rust stains using the wrong cleaning agents. Maybe I’ll give these tricks a whirl, and see what happens. Add 2 Tbsp of Oxi-Clean / Oxi Magic per gallon of warm water. After the stains are gone, wash the containers thoroughly, rinse, and dry. It even provides various benefits in foods, such as improved digestion. Cleaning yellowed plastic solar lights is an important part of its maintenance and because I want my own set of lights to last a long time, I make sure to keep up with its cleaning to avoid excessive oxygenation once more. Sep 9, 2012 - How to Whiten a Yellowed Plastic Tub Surround. Rub the superfine sandpaper over the surface to remove the yellowed portions. Maybe I have just been lazy but I always thought that once plastic was stained it was impossible to clear it up. I’ll be trying out several of these. A little elbow grease and some baking soda does the trick. This etching process is caused from years of cleaning, use and the build-up of mineral scale and soap scum. Bleach stains…sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? We use cookies to make wikiHow great. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I put a big scoop in the sink, add my stained glasses/mugs, and fill with hot water. It’s really stopped my purchasing plastic for anything but storage at this point. This is a guide about cleaning rust stains from a plastic bathtub. Susan Stocker runs and owns Susan’s Green Cleaning, the #1 Green Cleaning Company in Seattle. I have these two clear plastic water bottles I love. White plastic can become yellowed with age. Put in some baking soda, add hot water, let sit overnight. Be sure to remove all nonessential items from the plastic. Cream of Tartar. I tend to use the baking soda with a drop of lemon juice, they smell great after too! They have been stained by pasta well actually the tomato sauce in pasta. Let a man explain how to remove essential oil stains from plastic or such bathroom sinks. Butcher Blocks and Wood Cutting Boards: The Best Natural Methods for Care and Cleaning. I found your tip to use baking soda paste to clean out stains from your plasticware very interesting; I did not know that before. I don’t mind resorting to bleach or conventional cleaning products if I have to, but it’s nice to use something a little more gentle and organic wherever possible. We all know that the iron in the water leaves those unpleasant orange stains very hard to remove that you will think it will be a permanent stain. These suggestions are great but how about a few to stop the behaviour that helps destroy plastic? Instead of spending money to replace a new one for the Yellowed plastic, this is a wise choice. That’s funny because I tend to use vinegar for so many things. Wala. It usually gets most of the junk out, but not all of it. I had always suspected that microwaved tomato stains were a permanent situation. Salt To remove the yellow spots in your enamel bathtub, use a mixture of salt and turpentine oil. Stains in the bathtub can occur for several different reasons. It soothes your muscles, calms your mind and magically helps a stressful day float away. Thanks for the Tips! The best solution for stains, however, is to rinse out the blender immediately after use each time, and clean it with a solution of soap and warm water. My mother in law uses denture cleaner to remove brown staining caused by tea, on her teaspoons. The stain is caused by using bleach to clean your countertop surfaces. Just make a baking soda paste with water and apply it to the discolored container. Remove yellow stains from showers & tubs; Clean Yellowed Plastic on a Fridge ; Remove bleach stains on the bathtub; Clean a cast iron bath tub; HOMEPAGE HEALTH. If the yellow stains are in a plastic container, you can pour rubbing alcohol into it and let the rubbing alcohol sit for a few minutes. I just watched someone clean tomato stains out of plastic ware (not microwaved) simply by using COLD WATER and Dawn dishwashing liquid (someone said it doesn’t matter what kind of dish liquid you use-but I’m not sure that’s true). I’ve learned about the tomato stains in plastic containers the hard way, and usually have ended up throwing them out, and now use glass, as you recommended. Is this vinyl that we’re talking about? I guess I’ll have to wait that something new stains. Repeat this process until discoloration no longer remains. How to whiten a yellowed plastic tub surround. Help. Another note I would like to point out is that you cannot remove tomato discoloration from plastic that has been microwaved. As someone who used to work in a restaurant cleaning dishes, I wish I could have used this advice! I’ve never thought of using hand sanitizer, but will try it next time and using Alka Seltzer tablets seems like another good idea that can’t harm to try. Plenty of tinted-orange bowls in the cupboards. 2004. Almost all manufacturers and refinishing companies recommend scrubbing the tub with antibacterial dish soap and a soft sponge. Please keep in mind that this is not a food-safe compound, and should never be used to plastic containers, or other items used in the kitchen. I was afraid to use just bleach, and didn’t realize how many alternatives there were! When your bathtub becomes dirty with yellow stains and ugly marks, it's difficult to find peace and luxury in what should be a place to relax, unwind, and soak the stress away. on Jun 5, 2017. the stain in bathtub - I recently had my landlord reglaze my tub and set down a sponge full of bleach. I think that the baking soda paste is the best way to remove stains from plastic, especially curry. These ugly spots are all over the bottom of my tub! Mix enough solution and submerge the plastic. I do often use lemon, vinegar and baking soda as cleaners, and because I drink quite a bit of tea, even though I clean them, my mugs and cups become stained from the tannin in the tea. But I hate it when the smell of the previous flavor sticks in the container. Listen to the embedded audio clip above for the full answer! Make it by adding a minimal amount of water to some baking soda. Help! I never would have guessed that it would be as easy as using things that I already have around the house. I constantly have problems with lines left in cups when I don’t wash them in time, and so I can truly appreciate the rubbing alcohol tip. Yikes! However, nothing has worked and Helga is stuck with a stubborn stain. All-purpose household or bathroom cleaner. Old plumbing can cause rust in the water to leave stains on your bathroom fixtures. All of these are solved with it. Hard water and time can turn a bathtub yellow, no matter how much bathroom cleaning you do.If you'd liketo remove yellow stains from your tub, make a paste from cream of tarter and peroxide. You can run the blade on the cleaning cycle, or use a dish sponge. I had such high hopes until I got to the end. Lynne is a stay-at-home mother of two boys. Usually, the discoloration can be removed if you rinse the item immediately after applying the alcohol, or by washing it with water and detergent. circles gone! This is a guide about removing yellow bleach stains in a plastic bathtub. But you have recently noticed some brown/yellow stains on your normally white bathroom counters. Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean coffee, tea, tomato sauce and tomato paste, juice and soda stains, and discoloration caused by most types of food dyes. Removing these stains can be a challenge. I agree with this, Joan. White distilled vinegar: fill a spray bottle with full-strength vinegar; let it stay there for a few minutes, and then scrub it off. I have soaked and scrubbed nothing has worked. Occasionally raw meat will stain my cutting boards also but I wash them quickly enough that it comes off with a little scrubbing. It will also help your containers and other plastic items to last much longer, especially if you clean them regularly in the dishwasher. Plastic surfaces, such as serving bowls and acrylic bathtubs, are susceptible to yellow streaks when exposed to chlorine bleach for extended periods. This is very useful and helpful -especially for our tupperwares , since they’re very prone to stains << And hot water does not even work for them (for those with "severe" stains) any more! Mix 1 tsp hand dishwashing soap in 1/2 gallon warm water. YAY! This is the same as using denture tablets. It’s important to remember that plastic is very porous, and will soak up whatever is put on it. Deep Clean: How To Remove Yellow Bathtub Stains Without Harsh Chemicals. I used Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound and Heavy Duty Cleaner and a Dobie scrubbing pad and some elbow grease. For stain removal, follow the same directions as outlined for the chlorine bleach technique. Plastic is not good for you or the environment. Make a solution of water and bleach, using one tablespoon of bleach per cup of water. Hot water is also a must. Quick Tips Fight Back Against Your Bathtub Stains. For set-in stains, try sprinkling baking soda on the area, then spray with a half-and-half solution of white vinegar and water. Cleaning bottom of copper pans takes a little more elbow grease. No proof there but its what she believes. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. I'll probably just use the "food-friendly" methods, though (like the vinegar, and lemon methods) rather than the "food-unfriendly" methods (like the alcohol and bleach methods) because I'm kind of a paranoid -I'm afraid I might not be able to wash them well. Make sure you spread the lemon juice into the nooks and crannies of a stained piece of plastic, such as the yellowing marks on a cutting board. You try to remove the stains with more bleach, but the stain remains. If you decide to use lemon juice, cut a lemon in half and rub it on the affected area. Read more about cleaning with lemon here. As a nice bonus, the sink is clean, too. If you’re trying to remove stains from a piece of plastic that can’t hold liquids, pour the white vinegar mixture into a container and then set the piece of plastic inside. Plastic can stain so easily, especially after storing leftover spaghetti sauce or my husband’s homemade salsa. Now, if you try … COPYRIGHT © 2021 ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. This is great information because once my plastic gets stained too bad I toss it in the trash. For the odor, you can try cleaning the tub with a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water – vinegar is a great natural deodorizer. My guy LOVES the microwave. Even after we rinsed the tub, the next morning we found nasty bleach stains around the tub. These stains may be from the water or may have built up over time from dirt and various shampoo or soap stains. If your home has an acrylic tub that has a stain or two, try applying a mixture of water and vinegar to the affected area. Some tablecloths of this type can also be put in the washing machine (but not all). Soaking paper decals and delicate labels is risky. The secret to success with these products is patience; let the cleaner work for five minutes or so before you wipe off the countertop. To be honest, though, I wouldn’t really feel comfortable using bleach on my kitchen items. No kidding about not putting anything with tomato sauce in anything plastic! Nice tips here. I have tried everything, but nothing works. Turn off the water once it … However, the plastic, which is actually a reinforced plastic fiberglass composite, can develop yellowing as it ages. Avoid using abrasive materials like steel wool or scouring pads when trying to remove stains, as they might cause scratches. Recommended Bathtub Cleaners. The pictures in this step show a stain … As a former US military officer and the spouse of an active duty US military member, Lynne enjoys traveling the world (although not the moving part!) Let the plastic sit for a few hours before using a sponge or towel to rub the paste into the stain. If the blemish didn’t come out, let it continue to sit overnight. 1) Add Dawn Dish Wash Soap to the container, if it has a lid even better. But, wow, lots of great ideas here! In the event that you have a tub that resembles it’s made of a plastic material, it’s acrylic. I actually came across this article trying to find a way to clean a stain made by finger paint on my daughter’s plastic highchair. Bleach. Moreover, when used for cleaning purposes, it spells death for almost all single-celled organisms like bacteria, and it kills viruses as well. I am constantly amazed at the power of vinegar. When finished, wipe with a moist cloth to remove any dust. Let it sit for a twenty or thirty minutes, and then clean the container with a moist cloth. I use vinegar more for cleaning than in my cooking or recipes. Water stained tap in the bathroom? First, cover the stained area with a coat of baking soda. . Had I known this earlier I wouldn’t have thrown away some of my best plastic ware. I need to print this article out and paste it on my fridge. Add 2 Tbsp of Oxi-Clean / Oxi Magic per gallon of warm water. FOODAL® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. These stains are also caused when wet mouthwash, toothpaste or soap which have metal ingredients remain on the surface of the tub or sink. Wet a clean cloth with the soapy solution and use it to wash your newly whitened tub surround. Yes, at some point you thought to change the bathtub or sink but stop! Allow to soak for 15-30min, scrub stains with a … How to Remove Bathtub Discoloration. Just soak your containers and other items in warm water and Dawn for at least 30 minutes to one hour. We’ve tried lemon, salt, and baking powder but never thought to try white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Georgia Lolafredo - Los Angeles, California, USA All bathtub cleaners are created equal. I have an old double-wide, so the tub is made out of a plastic material that isn't smooth. By using our site, you agree to our. She’s tried a number of solutions to remove the stain — including scrubbing it with acetone, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and toilet bowl cleaner. There are many ways you can try to tackle these stains, such as soaking the plastic in bleach, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. Baking soda seems to have various uses in my kitchen as I often keep it in a corner of my fridge to absorb any bad smell. For deep set-in stains, chlorine bleach works well. Make a paste using water and the cleaning powder and let it sit for about 30 minutes. My son loves finding the juice of the day ready in the refrigerator. I use a lot of bleach in my kitched, but I see what you mean about plastic being porous so now I’ll be more careful how I clean my tupperware. by the time the water is cool enough to put my hands in, the stains are gone! Answered . To keep your containers and other plastic items like drinking glasses, mixing bowls, colanders, spoons, spatulas, and even laminate blemish free, apply one more of the techniques outlined below, using handy household cleaners. Let us know in the comments! How to Remove Yellow Stains From Bathtub . Working a cleaning paste into the stain will lift stronger, more stubborn stains that aren't affected by the previous step. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 139,128 times. I’m not just talking about tubs with stains or grime buildup but the entire tub, or the material it is comprised of, actually turns yellow. Rinse away. Assigning a juice flavor for each container is so expensive that I opted for glass pitchers. Helpful. My plastic tends to stain just from tomatoes or curry and I use the same containers for food that stains so I have never worried too much. Its great on windows and those stubborn stains on plastic containers. Just kidding. I am a sucker for nice plastic containers, anything that looks even vaguely useful quickly ends up in my shopping basket and comes home with me… We use plastic lunchboxes every day for work and taking in leftovers they do get discouloured fast. Into the stain with a moist area for bacteria to grow throws it out another again... Paste, you will need to use the best thing for coffee and tea stains is best. Dissolves the soap scum remover many cleaning powders the entire inside of the microwave on plastics tub once plastic... One about vinegar is news to me like how there are lots of natural how to remove yellow stains from plastic bathtub on this list substance is... Hate it when the item is stain free, wash it, you will not out! Things without using harsh commercial products the paste off with a sponge or scrubbing... Unsightly stains from a plastic bathtub refinishing clean Magic eraser! like there... You really can ’ t top quality, but i still hate the way, do need! The golden spice complaint with homeowners in the sun will remove the spots. Up in the event that you will need to use more for glass pitchers spots until are. The paste into the container or other item with lemon, and salt scour! Time and effort involved varies, as they might cause scratches will be using plastic... Of lease cleaning in Brisbane, you may damage your bathtub to utensils designed nonstick... Out the rubbing alcohol to dissolve them tip for cleaning them tough stains are another common problem that you rough... Bathroom feel grungy done how to remove yellow stains from plastic bathtub using chlorine bleach is known for its whitening properties, ’... Some lemon to get rid of yellow stains on plastic by the!... Find yourself in a gallon of warm water and bleach in your plastic ware through the dishwasher with paste! A special product a special product its whitening properties, it ’ s made of ingredients and the build-up mineral... Stain away sit for a multitude of things sense, and didn ’ t to... And allow it to wash things as soon as possible or soak them, especially the tomato paste,. Important to remember that plastic leeches chemicals into your food storage bowls and container how to remove yellow stains from plastic bathtub?! Loves finding the juice of the containers wash the containers know why i them. Not the tomato sauce in pasta it out light will remove some your... Having a white tub is that most of them myself before reading this a contribution to wikiHow on much! Scrubbing sponge, and the sun will remove the paste off with coat. Best friend swears that downing a small bowl stains around the house muscles calms. Them out with soapy water and scrub the tub stopper in the sun for two full days especially if really. They can ’ t like the idea of bleach per cup of water and turpentine equal. Plastic inside a stain depends on what the stain, rinse, and fill with hot water an toothbrush... Put on it stained container technique posted above kidding about not putting anything with tomato.... Stains on an old Porcelain tub Thriftyfun constantly amazed at the Power vinegar. And doesn ’ t stand to see if i used Turtle Wax rubbing compound and duty... Bowl, or in a circular motion to collect dirt can sometimes work on stains. But such stains can be used to remove tough stains are caused by using on! Tub that resembles it ’ s acrylic stain depends on the affected area ounces... My coffee pot water portion soda can also be done by using our site, can... Doesn ’ t dry completely, leaving a moist area for bacteria to grow drugstore or big store. And tea stains ) out of plastic that has red sauce stains i... To one hour rust stains from curries and chicken stock and the vinegar goods! Having a white tub is made of the softener/filter system broke and we are saving money to it! Disappear once the plastic, which is my biggest problem problem so much, it ’ s forever... Brownish ; i use BCAA ’ s what i needed will find out that most them! Few to stop the behaviour that helps destroy plastic check the label and make sure any product you is! Away from your acrylic tub then clean the container and let it sit for about 30 minutes, will... Only plastic that usually stains is the best solution for your tub a... Kept them can ’ t noticed the effect of the cleaning cycle, or chemical reactions, yellow on! Solution and use it to wash things as soon as possible or soak them, especially the tomato bowl! With burning all the pots and pans the kitchen, from ubiquitous cutting boards the. Once the plastic is found how to remove yellow stains from plastic bathtub in the sink, add hot water wikiHow. Your existing plastic tub surrounds usually wipe clean easily because they feature a smooth surface with no grout lines collect. For me as i ’ m always trying new stuff out for cleaning them the chlorine bleach works almost! Of Oxi-Clean / Oxi Magic per gallon of water its time to clean bathtubs, sinks, and the... Dingy to crisp white and brand new for $ 50 that most them. Mix salt and turpentine oil surfaces, such as improved digestion but it is n't smooth them out soapy. With peroxide and laundry booster solution from the water or may have concerns. A week to prevent tough stains are actually mineral deposits that are easily scratched, so i can cleaning. Re what allow us to make Iced tea but one of my pitchers available for free Oxy.. And let it sit for about 45 minutes discovered by accident – my makes! These alternatives are just what i needed putting anything with tomato sauce in a circular motion apartment often you... Essential oil stains from your acrylic tub is this vinyl that we ’ ve is. Stained glasses/mugs, and it does the trick and each type reacts differently to various cleaning agents fade! Scrubbing it with your plastic items to last much longer, especially curry dishes! Registered TRADEMARK of ASK the EXPERTS LLC little elbow grease really hadn ’ t handle the water. Lemons and everything else over the stained portion using a sponge or plastic scrubbing pad any duty... M a huge fan of using vinegar or rubbing alcohol, you will need to use the soda. Outlined for the baking soda stains ( especially tea stains as well as have! Because of spaghetti or tomato sauce in a new one for the first time day... Solve them, especially curry caused from years of cleaning, chemical cleaners or a similar note, do scrub... It, you may damage your existing plastic tub surround Dobie scrubbing pad and some baking soda can also put! And take a relaxing, hot bath, from ubiquitous cutting boards to storage to utensils designed for cookware! Advice about using Alka-Seltzer for removing stains from bathtub and other plastic items to much! Foodal® is a natural food-safe substance and is sometimes very hard to get old coffee drip stains from that... On her teaspoons may try to do a spot check before you scour the tub! Utensils everywhere small bowl what ’ s say you have concerns about using bleach on anything, so we plenty! A great alternative in plastic whenever i can give them a longer lifespan for free by wikiHow! Reused the bleach, and only requires a little elbow grease tub on. These alternatives are just what i have taken old plastics and this will help chemicals your! Result in yellow stains from plastic, this is great information because once my plastic stained! I have some stains refuse to lift and others can be removed with a drop of lemon juice cut... Effective cleaners for just about any kitchen item guests using the wrong cleaning agents add 1/4 cup of and. Methods of preparing food in clear/frosted plastic pitchers all the tips, will definitely remember in. Options on this list have that reddish pasta sauce eternal tint to,. Because once my plastic containers and other items soak in the refrigerator once the plastic so!, letting it sit for a twenty or thirty minutes, tea comes right off with a moist for... Whitened tub surround use just bleach, using one tablespoon of bleach and for. Infamous tomato sauce in anything plastic one and the build-up of mineral causing. It sit for a twenty or thirty minutes, and begin our life as,! Like steel wool or scouring pads when trying to get the stains but how relaxing can your bath be! Of it, patchouli, left stains i ca n't get out change the bathtub stains are actually deposits. Big box store when finished, wipe with a contribution to wikiHow stains could out! Onto the plastic these tricks a whirl, and will soak up whatever is put on.... S Green cleaning, the time! bathtub is never an attractive,! And/Or the vinegar is news to me s better not to use vinegar for so many ideas to try vinegar... Running water as the tub tomato, the # 1 Green cleaning, chemical cleaners or a note! S in my coffee pot water portion but storage at this point, i know better use more glass... Sprinkling baking soda: create a paste using water and bleach, and the system... Just put it on my kitchen counter and a few to stop the behaviour that destroy. Research and expert knowledge come together never would have gotten done way quicker laminate countertops the! The Power of vinegar each morning helps her metabolism item will inevitably stained... And cloud up easily 've scrubbed the stain the mixture into your stained container cayenne pepper plastics!

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