has a gluten-free claim printed on the packaging. Katjes Chocjes Cookie Lover Chocolate Bar 50g. Go Max Go Foods practices ethical sourcing. 2. Ingredients manufactured in other countries are labeled according to the non-GMO labeling requirements of the country of origin. Strict Gluten Free products fit into one of the following categories: Contains No Gluten Ingredients products include only Gluten Free ingredients, but there may be a cross-contamination risk present during production, or for which the manufacturer has not confirmed if there is potential for cross-contamination. Go Max Go Candy Bars; Good Catch ; Green Goddess; King's Varieties; Minor Figures; Moo Free Chocolate; Nafsika's Garden ; Novish ; Reese's; Salus Haus; Sol Cuisine; Sweets From The Earth; VEGO Chocolate Bars; WOW! Of course, I remember when candy was 25 cents a bar... but these days even the old favorites are pretty expensive. No trans fats. Compassionate candy lovers have something to celebrate: vegan Twix bars are now a thing. The creators of Go-Max-Go Foods set out to create extraordinarily delicious candy bars. GO MAX GO candy bars have been crafted carefully to have flavors even more rich than the original candy bars we loved when younger. Unavailable per item All of your favorite childhood candy bars - now veganized. Flavour Go Max Go Candy Bars NZ$ 6.30. The kind people of Go Max Go Foods have sent me these awesome Vegan Ricemilk Chocolate Candybars. Moo Free Chocolate Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bars: Includes Original, Bunnycomb and Cheeky Orange. I finally nabbed a few at the local Whole Foods. Please read our Ingredients Disclaimer about the manufacturers information that we provide. Go Max Go Foods is a vegan family-owned and operated, Portland, Oregon based business. Go Max Go Candy Bars, $2.49 each at Vegan Essentials. The Facts on Go Max Go Candy Bars. Thanks for creating these, Go Max! The VEGETARIAN symbol indicates the manufacturer claims the product contains no animal ingredients (no meat). Simply click on our interactive map below to find our products. Availability: Go Max Go Candy Bars are sold at independent natural food stores in the U.S., and at vegan shops worldwide. Go Max Go bars are everything a vegan with a sweet tooth dreams of! NOTE: Any additional information we have will be included in the Ingredients Info on each product page. No Whey Foods $30.00. The Mahalo candy bar by Go Max Go takes delicious tender coconut and almonds and coats them with smooth dairy-free ricemilk chocolate to give you a treat that's so close to an Almond Joy® bar while being completely free of animal ingredients! has been confirmed to Natural Candy Store as gluten-free by the manufacturer. The gluten-free varieties are Certified Gluten Free. Vegan Food Date 364 views. In her note, Molly said that the Go Max Go candy bars are a favorite. Sweet to Lick Bakery. NZ$ 6.30. A product claimed to be VEGETARIAN may contain dairy, eggs, gelatin, honey, bone-char refined sugar, or other ingredients known to be derived from animals. You can also order them online from Amazon. Go Max Go Jokerz Candy Bar The JokerzCandy Bar from Go Max Go Foodsis the last of their vegan candy bars on my list for review. Find Twilight Candy Bar by Go Max Go Foods with no artificial colors, dyes, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. Mars Chocolate has nine factories in North America and is headquartered in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Go Max GO has multiple delicious vegan candy bars to try. These chocolate bars are FANTASTIC. Use the Shop By Diets filter "No Gluten Ingredients" to find products with a gluten-free ingredient list and you are less concerned about the cross-contamination risk. Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Bars 100g. Whether you are craving a bar with peanuts, coconut, nougat, or more, all Go Max Go vegan candy bars are covered in their signature-recipe rice-milk chocolately coating. A Go Max Go candy bar! Go Max Go Foods are a vegan family-owned and operated business that produces extraordinarily delicious, award-winning vegan chocolate bars. Go Max Go Foods is a vegan family-owned and operated, Portland, Oregon based business. Additional methods of entry: They produce four styles of vegan candy bar, each modeled after an existing non-vegan kind. Watch our product review video for Go Max Go Mahalo Vegan Candy Bar. The NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED symbol indicates the manufacturer claims the product fits into one of the following categories: The GLUTEN FREE symbol indicates the manufacturer claims the product is either Strict Gluten-Free OR Contains No Gluten Ingredients. Go Max Go. Certified Kosher by one of the recognized KOSHER certifying groups. Taste just like the traditional, name-brand candy bars. They craved candy bars that are chocolatey, nougaty, caramely, peanutty, almondy, coconutty crazy indulgences! Whether you are craving a bar with peanuts, coconut, nougat, or more, all Go Max Go vegan candy bars are covered in their signature … To enter, either go to the Go Max Go Foods site and leave a comment here tell me one thing you learned OR leave a comment telling me how you typically find out about new products on the market. This list is continually expanding, so keep checking back regularly. Buy 12—Save 10% Please see important details below regarding shipping chocolate products to warm areas! Has a Fair Trade claim printed on the packaging. Certifications: Go Max Go Candy Bars are Certified Vegan and Non-GMO Verified. But very few traditional candy bars are vegan. Natural Candy Store cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided to us by the manufacturer. Go Max Go is the name of the company who makes them. Price: $2.49 per candy bar. No hydrogenated oils. The happy red wrapper features jaunty typography and little playing card suit symbols in lavender. 2fer Candy Bar by Go Max Go Foods Heat Sensitive Chocolate Prevent Melted Chocolate! The ORGANIC symbol indicates the manufacturer claims the product fits into one of the following categories: USDA Certified Organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines addressing, among many factors, soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and use of additives. One set for myself and two sets to giveaway. Mars made PB Max “snack” that was a short-lived candy bar in the 90s. MUCH better than any conventional chocolate bars, and healthier. But in staying with the... vegan diet, they don't have dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial ingredients, or cholesterol. $8.99 Flat Rate Shipping on all orders or FREE SHIPPING on orders $89.99+ >. In 1911, Frank C. Mars started making and selling candy from his kitchen in Tacoma, WA and established Mars’ first roots as a confectionery company. Organic products are inherently non-GMO.

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