If you do not know the fish's girth, leave it blank and it will be approximated for you. The equation is: weight in pounds = girth2 x length / 800, with both girth and length measured in inches. MISSION: Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is a More detailed suggested handling methods for releasing tarpon are outlined here. Rick Murphy on the Florida Insider Fishing Report to discuss tarpon catch and release handling. Tarpon season is here! Simply measure the length and girth of your tarpon while it is in the water, and use this card to calculate the weight of your fish. Fish Weight Calculator. These include: weight distribution, water and wind conditions, paddler’s weight and size, and skill level. We rate our kayaks with a maximum amount of gear you might expect to carry on a trip … If applicable on the fish, the bill and tail are both added length that cannot be relied upon for estimating weight so scientists and sporting enthusiasts use the lower jaw as a way to be more accurate and fair in comparison estimation. Select fish and enter length in inches: Length/Weight Conversions for Marine Fishes of Texas. An online calculator is available here. The "long length" is the overall total length of the fish and is NOT used by this calculator. Get approximate weight from length and girth of a fish. A new research paper from Jerald S. Ault and Jiangang Luo updates allows anglers to make reliable weight estimations of their Atlantic tarpon catches.. Now, more than ever, tarpon weights are vital for tarpon catch-and-release tournaments, fish records and even scientific research. Estimating Weight of Tarpon. Tarpon are the best sports fish in the world. Estimating Tarpon weight has never been easier using the Original Tarpon Release Ruler. That's why it is difficult to give an absolute answer, because there are so many combinations of factors. With new regulations prohibiting taking tarpon out of the water, the Release Ruler is the perfect tool to weigh your Tarpon quick and easy. You can also calculate the weight of tarpon and other saltwater fish. The heaviest snook on the Atlantic coast weighed 37.5 pounds but was only 43 inches; the longest snook … Use the form below to calculate how much a fish weighs based on its length and its girth. *courtesy of the University of Delaware Sea Grant Size and weight vary in snook just like they do in humans-a six-foot man may weigh 200 pounds, while a five-foot man may weigh 250 pounds. Shark Length – Weight Estimates (simple formula) To estimate the weight of a shark, try this method: Square the girth in inches Multiply the girth by the length in inches Divide that number by 800. Visit the Tarpon Catch & Release page to review the best handling practices. Data and formulas are from studies conducted by TPWD and other scientific groups All lengths are total lengths unless fork length (FL) or lower jaw to fork length (LJFL) is indicated. Dr. Aaron Adams, BTT Director of Science and Conservation, recently joined Capt. Wood's equation was first developed with tarpon in mind, but it was quickly adopted by catch-and-release fishermen everywhere, because it's an easy way to provide a ballpark estimate of your fish's weight. The ruler measure 2″ x 90″ and is made from a durable waterproof PVC coated vinyl. FL Compliance Statement Financial information about Bonefish & Tarpon Trust can be obtained by writing to us at 2937 SW 27th Avenue, Suite 203, Miami, FL 33133 or as stated below: BONEFISH & TARPON TRUST FLORIDA REGISTRATION # CH15047: A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF … Many factors influence the amount of gear and the actual weight capacity of your kayak. Tarpon Weight Calculator Girth Fork Len Increase the chance of your tarpon surviving after catch and release, and save yourself the time and effort of weighing your catch. The graph provides a means to estimate the weight of a tarpon without killing and weighing the fish, using measurements of fork length and dorsal girth. Note: Measure the length from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail, not the tip of the tail. To determine the weight of a fish, use our Tarpon Weight Calculator. Click the image to open a larger version. Uses "The new formula" (Ault & Luo) Ault and Luo first analyzed a popular formula developed more than a century ago.